January Wrap Up

So,the first month of the new year had been kind of I-got-to-read-really-really-good-books month which is a really good sign.

See,I don’t decide what to read read for the month at the beginning itself which means I haven’t got a TBR pic of the month,though I think those who actually have one are really cool.(Not that I am not cool 😉 .Just kidding.) But really I can’t decide what to read beforehand itself ’cause to me the year is a compilation of 365 pages bound into a single big book  where the months are the chapters.Not that chapters don’t matter but at the end it’s the whole book which matters the most.That’s why it’s always like ‘Okay,how about this series next.It would be good.’

Was that too philosophical??Hopefully no.We go to the actual stuff now.

Here’s my January ‘Read’ Books-


Heroes of Olympus:The Lost Hero


The Lost Hero was my first read of 2016 .Yeah,I decided to begin this year with Percy,at least the books related to him,just like the last year which started with The Lightning Thief.The Lost Hero,I did like the book a lot ,all the Greek and Roman stuff,and Rick Riordan being the author,of course you gotta like it.The only thing-I seriously don’t know why it kept reminding me of ‘Doomsday’.I mean like it isn’t a that sad book also.And I did miss Percy .But overall it was another good Riordan book.


Heroes of Olympus:Son of Neptune


This one too,like the previous one was quite a good one.Of course,the title gives that away.And also Percy’s back (Yayy!!!).The new characters from the new camp too were great.Frank,Hazel,Reyna.Octavian…I haven’t ever been a fan of him.And of course,Hazel’s brother(♥). It was really pleasing to see Percy’s journey along with the Frank and Hazel,though I did miss Annabeth and Grover.But yeah,the book was really cool.(Just like Percy Jackson. 😉 ) .


Heroes of Olympus:Mark of Athena 


Yeah,5 stars (or loves or hearts,whichever you guys prefer) ’cause I Loved The Book.Like Absolutely Loved It.All the seven demigods plus Coach Hedge and Nico,ok,especially Nico were really brave and amazing.I also loved the  Argo II and Festus.The way the new characters discovered their powers and all the bond between the people from two different places was so good.But yeah,the ending,a massive CLIFFHANGER,like yeah,Riordan is the master of cliffhangers but still,I read the books back to back, even then it seemed a massive cliffhanger,those who did the one year waiting…I just can’t fathom their anxiety or whatever you may call it.


Heroes of Olympus:The House of Hades


4 loves,4.5 if I could give the half heart 🙂 .Maybe the book was a bit dark or gloomy whichever you choose ’cause you know,TARTARUS,it’s got to be dark but it’s Riordan,so ,you do get stuff in a much lighter version.All the while ,I was like ‘Oh My God.They won’t make it .No,they of course will make it.’But yeah,I really like Bob The Titan and Damasen too.One just doesn’t become evil ’cause he is related to one,it’s the choices you make.And there’s always a choice to choose between good and evil.It’s you who get to make your destiny,not a curse,not a prophecy.Nothing else.That’s what Bob and Damasen reminded me of this stuff.’Bob says hello to the stars’ 😥 .And Calypso.I don’t like her as much as I did when we first met her -I’m Team Leo and no one gets to mock him. THOH-feels!!!


Heroes of Olympus:Blood of Olympus


The wrap up book of the series was absolutely amazing.Like it was a perfect mixture of everything: stuff which brought tears ,stuff which made me so much excited and happy and gave goosebumps.The union of Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter.Hail queen Reyna!!!Maybe the battles at the Acropolis and Half Blood Hill weren’t really detailed and were short lived unlike PJO:TLO ,but the descending of the ultimate forces to join the battle at Acropolis was my favourite part.It could have been a happily ever after book,but Riordan had to end it in another cliff-hanger or I guess an open-ending.I really thought that there were pages missing,like another chapter missing,but no.Rick Riordan.(Leo……*sniffs* where art thou?)


5th Wave


The 5th Wave was kind of scarily amazing.Two months back,I really didn’t know a book of this name actually existed.When i had gone to watch The Mockingjay Part 2 in the theatres,a trailer played before the movie started and I was like ‘Whoa,the trailer’s so damn good.I gotta watch this movie.’That was the 5th wave trailer.Coming back home,I ran a Google search and ‘Bam!’ there was this entry ‘5th Wave(Novel).Oh my God.If the trailer was so good,the book had to be fabulous. And it was.The characters ,how some of them turn from soft hearted bunnies to stone cold casts,how love and bond can be found in the unlikeliest of places.Another almost-a-cliff hanger ending though.Who lives to die another day?


The Infinite Sea


Okay,before anything else,I got to say this.I.Love.The.Cover. When I first saw the cover of Red Queen,I had been like No cover can be as good as this. But here it is.Another book cover as good as that. About the story maybe I’ll put the same words as its first book? Or maybe freaking awesome.I love the fact that Rick Yancey gave us an insight into the life before The Arrival of some of the characters,how it changed them,the way they bond ,their sacrifices for others (not Others),Hope,trust and love being the ultimate killing weapons.Just another thing-both the books of the series crossed my expectations and I’m sure you guys too will love it.

So,this was the January month wrap up.So much Roman and Greek stuff,even the name January ,from Greek God Janus.Greek-y month

I tried to give tiny reviews for the books along with the rating.It was the first time I had attempted to review a book,so,you know,there might me ‘glitch’ here and there.

Hey,to the one reading this,just so you know,you are AMAZING.Have a good day.

-Anwesha 🙂


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