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Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn’t know is she’s about to lose her job or that knowing what’s coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn’t know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other for all time.

Me Before You-It’s an absolutely amazingly beautiful story.To be precise,an absolutely amazingly beautiful love story.I just completed  the book around a day back  and………. I’m still having a hangover.And yeah,the book probably belongs to the Contemporary Romance genre.

Stages of reading Me Before You:


That was me when I was like less than one-fourth through the book.
And basically all through the remaining part of the book.


And me just after I was done with the book.


And this one……from the minute after thinking “I just read the most wonderful story” to now…right at this moment!!! And beyond this moment too .

That’s how you are gonna feel reading this!!!

Okay so…I think I need to give to give a  warning before I dive into the worlds of Lou and Will.


Here we go.

How about we talk about the cover first…..


Like seriously….I don’t think the covers do justice to the book.

For instance take the first cover ,red cover with black and white curvy-font text,it kind of gives the impression of a kind of soft or cute read…maybe even one of those girly book reads ,.(I haven’t got anything against those books 🙂 ) when it’s actually a   heartbreaking story .Maybe the black and white mean something in there or maybe not.I think the white might refer to the joy they find with each other and the black being Will’s looming deadline for Dignitas.Or it could refer to the meaning these lines impart.

” I tipped my forehead forward so that it touched his, so that our breath mingled, and I said, quietly, so that only he could have heard me, ‘I don’t care what you … what you think you can and can’t do. It’s not black and white. Honestly … I’ve talked to other people in the same situation and … and there are things that are possible. Ways that we can both be happy … ’  “

The second cover,with a beige-ish colour background with pink and white text-that too seems to give an idea of a light read and not at all how the book is.The last cover…it’s kind of a bit better..doesn’t really seem that light and girlish or cute read.Maybe the bird in both of them portrays Will….Lou letting go of Will or letting him go with his own decision…maybe that’s with the letting go of the bird.And Lou finding freedom….finding herself….that might me what the girl means.But I really wish they made a better cover…something which went better with the book.

That’s it about the cover…..Yeah,yeah….I know I talked too much about the cover itself.

The title of the book.
When I picked up the book because of all the hype about it in the bookstagram accounts (book accounts in instagram),I didn’t really get the title…….and almost the whole way through the book….I didn’t realise what it actually meant.Somewhere around the second half of the book…I came to know that there was a sequel to the book titled “After You“,


and the above GIF….  was my reaction. I actually thought then that maybe after all Will wasn’t going to die…maybe there would be a miraculous breakthrough or something and Will would get cured.Or maybe he would change his decision at the last moment …..maybe that’s why he called Lou to Switzerland….maybe his decision would be a last moment surprise for Lou..and that’s why Mrs. Traynor called her……but NO………that didn’t happen.!!!!!! *starts crying violently* It was only after I closed the book …and still couldn’t come in terms of Will’s death,that I realised the title of the sequel “After You “actually meant Lou after she met Will…after Will died….and yeah,that’s when I realised what the title of this one meant.”Me before you”….it actually means Will before he met Lou …and Lou before she met Will .I was dead the moment this realisation hit me….all I wanted to do was go and curl up in a corner and cry  buckets……

This is what the title freaking means
↓      ↓      ↓      ↓      ↓    
Will and Lou ,before they met each other.


The writing was ,of course, beautiful..just like the story.

Am I supposed to get into the story now? Like this post is getting so long…..maybe I’ll skip the story…Oh!..wait a minute….wasn’t that my initial idea?Getting it out of my system? Because I am certain I can’t read the next book if I don’t get it out of my system.So………I think I will talk about the actual content now. 😀

First thing,I like the way Will Traynor’s motorbike accident was mentioned in the beginning… the prologue itself.Like,I already knew what was going to happen when Will started making his way to the taxi while talking on his phone….because accidently ,okay,not so accidentally….more like intentionally,I read about the accident in some bookstagram account.Like c’mon…I never thought I would be reading this book.It was only when I was done with Magnus Chase and didn’t have anything in mind that I decided to give this one a try and I.Don’t.Regret .It .Of course not..who would regret reading such an amazing book.

I  kind of thought that Lissa/Alicia would still remain with him…and when Louisa came into the picture….I thought I had misread Lissa and it was actually Louisa…because misreading names….it comes naturally to me. 😛 .Of course,I went back and searched and got that they were completely different people  and I was like “Oh,of course,Alicia wouldn’t stick to a quad.”.And from then on..Lou’s caretaking of Will….the way Will and Lou influenced each other’s lives….gave each other  the best six months of their life was a beautifully sad read…or maybe sadly beautiful read. Lou’s attempts to make Will change his mind….it was hard reading them.I got that Will was that kind of person who once decided,never stepped away from their decision.But still…..still,I hoped he would change….change for Lou if not anyone else *a single tear rolls down *.The trip to Mauritius…..that was a pretty interesting part too.

Nathan….the way he was always beside Will…being there all the times…in spite of his professionalism was good too.And he was with Lou too.Standing by whatever idea she got to make Will feel better.Happy that he found Karen.
Mrs. Traynor,initially struck me as a cold person..maybe even someone who didn’t care for her son.But then I realised that wasn’t it.She cared…..genuinely cared for Will to hire someone who could change his mind.And I really feel sad for her…the loss. 😥
Mr.Traynor,no….I never liked him.Not once.I wanted him to always go away whenever he came into the scene.He kind of seemed like ‘I-don’t care-what- happens -to-others-as-long-as-I-get-what-I-want’.He might not really have been like that,but this is what I think.
The Clark family,they seemed a good enough family to me…maybe except the little fight between the two sisters….But I liked the thing that Treena helped Lou a lot regarding Will.
Patrick.I don’t think ,Lou loved him much…neither did he seem to  love her much.Like there was all those love and romance and time for loved one, vital to a relationship ,missing from their’s.He always seemed to care more about his fitness and marathons than he cared for Lou…..and then the jealousy and stuff when Lou was with Will….”For God’s sake,Will’s a quad….what will Lou do with him?”

Louisa Clark….with her small town bearing…eccentric dressing….care for family….love for Will….she was a really likable kind of protagonist.How Will makes her go beyond  the limits of her small world….the joy she discovers outside….it was a lovely self -finding.But it was hard …when Will told her that she wasn’t enough a reason for him to continue living that way…like she tried…tried so much. *few more tears roll down* .I really hope that she lives her life…discovers more of herself….follows Will’s words in the next book.

Will Traynor….the billionaire…..with a love for life..for adventure..sarcastic attitude..eho lost everything ..and ended up bound for life in his wheelchair..trying to end his life..and choosing Dignitas at the end…that’s a really heart breaking story in itself.Like you build your world..your future….and then all of a sudden..everything crumples….your world crashes down into nothing in front of you..leaving only the memories…the ideas…tiny remnants of what you had build….it’s like so much difficult to live with it.I know I don’t know exactly how it would feel to be in Will Traynor’s shoes….but I know that a person like him wouldn’t desire to be confined to a chair for eternity while the world moves on in front of his eyes.Maybe he was right to choose Dignitas…’s his life….and he gets to choose his way of dying….one with dignity….But then again..if you view through the glasses of the people whose lives were intricately tied to his, his parents…mom especially….and….Lou…he just can’t leave them just like that.I get it that Dignitas is a really sensitive topic…and I’m not sure I have the right views about it….like yeah,years back I watched this Indian movie “Guzaarish ” that dealt with Euthanasia…. but I haven’t even figured out if both Euthanasia and Dignitas are similar or not.I would actually prefer to leave this one thing about Dignitas here..cause I don’t want people to get me wrong…. the wrong views..wrong facts.

And also there was a point where I wanted a chapter from Will’s point of view.But then I realised… would be so difficult to write one…and difficult to read too.

And this book makes you rethink so much…so many things..about love..about life….what if it was you in Will’s place….what if it was your child or your best friend or your love in that place…what would you do… the questions go so deep…..probes deep areas in your mind….questions your thoughts on everything you know or believe .Oh my God….!!!It was an amazing read .

” AUGUST 13,2009 “

Of course it gets a five star from me….

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Now what???


I can’t imagine myself reading a book without Will….and I don’t know if I can live through After You. But I want to….have to….no….need to read it! So,wish me best of luck . 😉

(I don’t own the GIFs in the post.All of them were from Google searches.)

Okay,that was my first ever proper big review of a book.I think it went better than I thought it would. 🙂 And also I think we all should watch the movie too…like the trailer’s pretty awesome…and both of them seem to fit the roles pretty well.

Signing of .Bye!!!

-Anwesha 🙂


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