Review:The Delphi Effect


Title: The Delphi Effect
Author: Rysa Walker
Publisher: Skyscape
Date published: October 11th,2016
Page Count: 379 pages
Genre: Young Adult,Fantasy,Sci-fi,Paranormal
Where I got the copy: Got a copy of the e-book through Netgalley.(Thank you for the copy)
Series: The Delphi Trilogy Book 1


It’s never wise to talk to strangers…and that goes double when they’re dead. Unfortunately, seventeen-year-old Anna Morgan has no choice. Resting on a park bench, touching the turnstile at the Metro station—she never knows where she’ll encounter a ghost. These mental hitchhikers are the reason Anna has been tossed from one foster home and psychiatric institution to the next for most of her life.

When a chance touch leads her to pick up the insistent spirit of a girl who was brutally murdered, Anna is pulled headlong into a deadly conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government. Facing the forces behind her new hitcher’s death will challenge the barriers, both good and bad, that Anna has erected over the years and shed light on her power’s origins. And when the covert organization seeking to recruit her crosses the line by kidnapping her friend, it will discover just how far Anna is willing to go to bring it down.


My Honest Review:

**I received the e-book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**

The Delphi Effect was one of the best young adult books of 2016.It is one heck of an amazing book in the genre of Sci-Fi too and really,it’s so different from the other Sci-Fi books that I read.I haven’t read any of the other books by Rysa Walker,but this one is absolutely mindblowing.I could make a whole list of reasons why I thought this was so good,starting from the plot.It is action packed from the very beginning and is nothing of what you expect.Maybe a pages in the beginning didn’t make sense to me,or maybe those few pages reminded me a bit about Stephenie Meyer’s The Host,but trust me,it is NOTHING like that.It sparks your curiosity from the beginning,and with the addition of plot twists and so many smaller elements throughout the book,it’s really difficult to let go of the book.Some parts might have creeped me out(the whole reason why I generally don’t read Paranormal,but I don’t regret reading this even an ounce!)Even the title sounds intriguing!Delphi from the Oracle of Delphi,and here,an organisation(it’s probably the wrong word for it) called Delphi ,both have something related to special powers in common,though one for good(maybe?) and the other for evil (I guess so)

The characters that have been created,there are good ones as well as bad ones.The good ones,they are actually good,not the overly good or perfect characters that many novels portray them as,but the actual humanly good ones,with their imperfections and emotions,and their own share of bad and good decisions,strength and courage and weakness.And the bad ones are the same,they are actually evil,the kind of evil that can actually exist in our world ,the kind who could instill real fear.The relations between the characters are so real,the places are made to seem so real too and the incidents that happen in the book,they are written in such a way that they make you think that they might actually be happening somewhere out in the world.And really,it’s scary.The descriptions are that detailed and vivid.It isn’t overly detailed either that it would leave nothing for your imagination.

And this book isn’t for the faint hearted cause as much as it has happy moments,it has gruesome deaths too and if that troubles you,this book will end up being nightmarish for you,and it deserves better than that.

I should have said this at the beginning itself,but I didn’t so,I’m going to say it now.Order this book NOW!If the blurb and the review hasn’t made that obvious to you,then please do contact me,I’ll have to think of more creative ways to make you read this book!You even have the link below to order the book on Amazon.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 stars)


You can purchase The Delphi Effect here: Amazon

Once you read the book,you’re most welcome

Signing off!Bye!
-Anwesha 🙂


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