Review: Star Racers by Martin Felando



Title: Starracers
Author: Martin Felando
Publisher: McBarron Books
Date published: February 18th,2016
Page Count: 560 pages
Genre: Young Adult,Sci-fi
Where I got the copy: Got a copy of the e-book from the author.(Thank you for the copy)


In the year 3834, Maelae and other ruthless killers threaten Earth and thousands of planets. Earth’s only hope is to win a dangerous race called Grand Battle.

Everyone thinks Sashi Oon is unqualified to guide any battlejet pilot through the massive obstacles of Grand Battle, and when Sashi chooses the kid from Earth, rookie pilot Rev Arden, no one gives them a chance.

Join Rev, Sashi, rockstars Stepp and Krissy, hundreds of lifelike warrior princess dolls, Scrap Meat, Eyeball, Betsy’s Lover, Little Blue, Pinky & Dux, and Imani from Intelligent Sources on a wildly exciting, fun adventure. Don’t miss the Pinky & Dux Show.

First book in a series of epic adventures.

My Honest Review:

**I received the ebook from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**

The starracers was a book that i was really looking forward to read,it being the first book i ever received for review and all such,but unfortunately,I DID NOT FINISH it.I’m sorry to say that this book ,despite being a YA and Sci-Fi book,didn’t work for me.I swear I tried to keep going,but I really couldn’t.I made it till Chapter 12..which would be around 132 pages,that is almost one-fourth of the book,before I gave up on it…and really..I took about 2 weeks to read just those few pages.And truth be told,I did like the initial 1-2 chapters before it went downhill.

I will just state the reason why the book probably didn’t work for me.

The plot…..a part of the plot didn’t make sense to me…and the remaining part….they seemed too..cartoon-ish for my liking….and I couldn’t wrap my head around.The world that was created didn’t make sense to me..and I kept confusing between the characters…and there were terms within the pages that didn’t make sense either…and I don’t think they were explained anywhere in the initial chapters.

I didn’t feel attached to any of the characters either…they seemed too vague and far off.Like as I believe one-fourth of a book is really enough to get into the plot and attach at least a bit to the characters…but as much as I tried,I couldn’t do that with this book.

That’s really all I can say about this book.And I don’t actually plan on picking up this book  again anytime  in the future,cause I seriously don’t think it would work.



Signing off!Bye!
-Anwesha 🙂


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