Review:The Red Sun by Alane Adams


Title: The Red Sun
Author: Alane Adams
Publisher: Sparkpress
Date published: August 4th,2015
Page Count: 346 pages
Genre: Middle Grade,Fantasy
Where I got the copy: Got a copy of the book from the author (Thank you for the copy)
Series: Legends of Orkney Book 1


After meeting a strange dwarf in his garage and finding out his substitute English teacher is a witch, twelve-year-old Sam Baron travels through a stonefire to the magical realm of Orkney where he finally learns the truth about his past: his mother is a witch and his father is a descendant of the Norse god, Odin.

“The Red Sun” is the first book in The Legends of Orkney, the spellbinding series of adventure fantasy novels by Alane Adams. It follows Sam to the realm of Orkney where witches, wraiths, and other menacing creatures cause serious peril to the unsuspecting Sam. Now, it’s up to him to save his friends and all of Orkney from a cursed red sun. Can a young witch girl named Mavery help him?

Drawing on Norse mythology, this fantastical story will enthrall middle grade and tween readers with a taste for adventure. As Sam grapples with dark and dangerous elements from his past and confronts his own simmering anger over long ago events, “The Red Sun” sears with wild imagination and breathtaking moments. Follow “The Red Sun” for the high-flying magical ride of your life.


My Review:

**I received a  copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.This doesn’t effect my opinion on the book**

Gather,gather all you book-dragons and mythology loving beings!Here I share with you, the review of The Red Sun.

I’m pretty sure this book will appeal to all the Percy Jackson fans out there.When I first started the book,it reminded me a lot of the Percy Jackson series,but believe me,if you think that that fact will stop you from getting further into the book,it will not.The deeper you go into the book,you’ll start seeing the difference,the uniqueness of it,and it’s really worth it.

I’m afraid I’ll miss things,so I better so in  order.The title,and the cover,they sync perfectly with each other ,as well as the story,like yeah,the title seems pretty simple,but just so you know,the entire story in based on that,so you get it right,how important that title is?I even love the smaller details around the corners,which I’m guessing are parts from the Yggdrasil tree,and that archway sort of gives you the feel of entering another world,literally.

Getting to the writing,it’s a really simple style of writing,easy to grasp,understandable and uncomplicated.And given the fact that it’s a Middle Grade book,I think the language is just perfect!And added to that,the lines are pretty hilarious at times.That’s a bonus,isn’t it?

Plot.Plot…I found it interesting,the way it started.Like seriously,it’s fun when a plot or story begins with your English teacher being turned into a lizard and it goes on to being a lot more action packed.The times the characters go through,the adventures they have,new friends they make throughout the book,all these elements combined,they make the book a great read.And there are these descriptions of each place which  manage to create these vivid images in your mind.

The best part of most of the books,the characters.Basically,3 of the main characters are 12 years old.Sam Baron,the protagonist around whom the book revolves,he’s 12,with really strong powers which he has no idea of initially.Like it amazed me every time he used his powers or was being strong,like he was a TWELVE YEAR OLD and he had to save the world all by himself!And then there was Keely and Howie,two characters who remained Sam’s friend though rain and sunshine.They weren’t exactly strong or brave characters initially,but I loved how they developed throughout the book into stronger people.And then there’s Leo too,another amazing character who would probably do anything to save Sam’s life,and the little witch Mavery,she was fun to read about too.The best thing here,the bond between them,how Sam chose to betray others to keep his friends safe,how his friends stood by him at his darkest time.

The side characters,I wouldn’t exactly call them lovable ones,but yeah,they were good ones,though I disliked a few ,especially those that Sam disliked(yeah,we agree on quite a lot of things 😛 ) Something I forgot to mention,there were really interesting creatures that the author gave life to,Brunin,the giant squirrel,and those flying creatures that Sam made his,I don’t remember their names…oh wait, I just remembered,Omeras,they were so animated,in a good way actually!

The ending will definitely give you the feels,like not a huge amount,but yeah they will be there.

Overall,I really found this one a refreshing read,away from the heart shattering feels and deaths of YA and NA.You want a break from your usual genres,pick this one up,it’s a bit long,but you’ll find it worth it!

Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ (4 stars)


Link to Kalifus Rising(Legends of Orkney #2 )review:

About the Author:


“Dear Readers: I wrote the Legends of Orkney series for my twelve-year-old son who challenged me to write something he would enjoy reading. The Red Sun is filled with exciting characters who struggle to find their true path. Sam learns so much about his past and how to overcome his anger, but will he continue to use his power for good or will he be drawn to the dark side? I hope you enjoy reading the Legends of Orkney series as much as I enjoyed writing them for you. The picture book series are dedicated to my father, the original Coal Thief! Keep reading!” – Alane Adams

Alane Adams grew up in an old Quaker town called Whittier in Southern California. Adams attended Whittier High School and was active in every possible sport including basketball (proudly claiming the nickname Breakaway Adams!) and swimming and diving. For college, Alane attended the University of Southern California where she wanted to be an English major, but family convinced her to become an accountant to help run a family business. After spending the next few decades helping to build one of the largest recycling companies on the West Coast, Alane left the family business behind to pursue her writing career. Before launching into writing full-time, Alane began teaching full-time at a local university. Finally, the Legends of Orkney series was born when her then 12-year-old son challenged Alane to write a book he could read. She hasn’t stopped writing since that day.

Alane’s favorite books include any story involving folklore, fantasy and fairy tales. When Alane is not writing or teaching, she is hanging out with her three boys, each who have grown up having adventures to rival those of her characters.

And yes,before I conclude I really want to thank the author, Alane Adams,for both the books!Like seriously thank you so so much for them.

See you in the next post!
Signing off!Bye!


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