Review:New World:Rising by Jennifer Wilson


Title: New World:Rising
Author: Jennifer Wilson
Publisher: OfTomes Publishing
Date published: January 5th,2016
Page Count: 350 pages
Genre:Young Adult,Dystopia
Where I got the copy: Got a copy of the e-book from the author (Thank you for the copy)
Series: New World Book
Rating:  ♥♥♥♥.25 (4.25 stars)


Since witnessing her parents’ murders at the age of eleven, Phoenix’s only purpose in life has been to uphold her mother’s dying words to be strong and survive. But surviving outside of The Walls outside of The Sanctuary- is more like a drawn-out death sentence. A cruel and ruthless city, Tartarus is run by the Tribes whose motto is simple, “Join or die.”

Refusing to join and determined to live, Phoenix fights to survive in this savage world. But who can she trust, when no one can be trusted? Not even herself.


My Review:

**I received a  copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.This doesn’t effect my opinion on the book**

Did I mention that New World :Rising is a dystopian story?Hell yes!It is one!The book basically begins with a map,yeah,I know,we all love maps in books,and a guide about all the tribes,and seriously,I love those few pages,cause those sketches and writings look so good!

What I  decided is that I’ll just put up the side headings for each topics I’m discussing about ,so I don’t end up forgetting them or messing up the review.

Cover and Title: The title New World:Rising,fits  perfectly with the story.Like there was an old world,now it’s the New World,even the Rising is apt with the story.From the girl on the cover,the city down below,the green shade,every thing has a reason,a relation with the story,like,the girl,that’s Phoenix,the city below,I’m not exactly sure which city it actually is,but it fits,and the green shade,the Tartarus has a greenish hue to its atmosphere,so you see,all of it is perfect,which is why I love this cover so much!

Writing:  The author has a simple,uncomplicated style of writing.Like despite the rough and not-so-peaceful circumstances of the book,there’s still a sense of serenity surrounding the book.It gives you the feels ,but not so intense feels,characters die too,but still,there’s a calmness in the writing.And maybe a bit more of the world around would have been great,but whatever has been given,I liked it.The five Tribes,the way they live,the danger of being a lone wolf,and the other new group we come to know about,The Sanctuary on the other side of the wall,those were written pretty well.

Plot: It wasn’t a slow-paced story,neither a fast paced,like it was a steady plot,yeah,a couple of parts were predictable,like for me,that was the case,but it wasn’t detrimental to the plot.It did have quite a few elements of the usual dystopian books,but despite that it’s a story you’ll love to read.As I mentioned earlier,there were predictable parts,there were parts that were surprising and unexpected too!

Characters:The main character is a girl,Phoenix,quite an intelligent  ,strong,   independent, like she survived for 6 years on her own if I remember right,in Tartarus,which is quite a feat. She is also someone who stays away from feelings and emotions until this character, Mouse ,comes into her life,and then ,her life takes quite an interesting turn.There’s Triven,who I kind of think ,is a small reason behind all the calmness.And I actually liked hearing Maddox’s story,I really would have liked to hear more.All the characters,The Leader,Arden,The Healer,there are all there for a reason,small or big,and I like that fact cause it’s really difficult a lot of times,to give purpose to every character and not make them  just a filler.And if not for these characters ,you should read this one at least for Mouse,she is such a sweet and inspiring character despite her age!

 That being said,with the positive as well as the negative points,I believe this would be a good read if you are looking for a lighter read,with all the dystopian elements intact.


About the Author:


As a child Jennifer loved getting lost in the stories of others, but struggled greatly with reading. A notoriously slow reader who stumbled with words and spelling, Jennifer shied away from books, leaning heavily on musical theater and movies to get her inspirational fix.

It was not until in her mid-teens, when a persistent friend convinced her to read the Harry Potter series, that Jennifer found her love for the written word. J.K. Rowling’s books opened doors not only to the fascinating world of a young wizard, but to a life filled with a multitude of literary friends and fantastical worlds. Once a timid reader, Jennifer now devours books and loves getting lost in a new series.

Jennifer had wanted to write her own novel since her early twenties, but unfortunately inspiration doesn’t always strike on command. Her first book, The Chosen, was completed in 2013. But as most first attempts go, it was a flop. While looking through a multitude of rejection letters, inspiration struck again, putting Grace’s story got on hold as Phoenix’s began.

New World: Rising began to fill Jennifer’s brain, flowing like a fully opened valve from her fingertips. What was once such a struggle in her early years suddenly became a passion.

When Jennifer is not writing, she is enjoying life in Colorado, rock climbing, camping, exploring new foods, playing with her golden retriever, Duke, and sharing her life with her handsome and wonderful husband.

A big thank you to the author for providing me with the e-copy of New World :Rising,especially after so many issues with the downloading,yeah,sorry for that,but I strongly believe that all of it was worth it at the end,given the fact that I got to read that beauty!

See you in the next post!
Signing off!Bye!



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