Product Review:Notebooks from Notex Notemakers.

Ahh..a change from book review writing.Don’t you worry though,there’ one coming up after this,so ,that’s not a long relief, lol. Anyways,we get to the point now.

Oh well,you probably got what I plan to do in this post from the title,but still,I’m here to tell you about Notex Notemakers and the products i received as a part of being a rep for them.

You got to scroll down to see the pretty notebooks that I got,but first,something about them.

Notex is the brand of printed stationary by a team at Carto Group of Industries,notemakers  based in India ,since 1969.They have a wide raging of products starting from Students’ Memo Jotters,Pocket Journals to the funky and bright teen series and  the classy Felt Collection.And they do ship internationally too,you’ll have to DM  them on Instagram (@notexnotemakers )

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I received two notebooks as a part of being a rep.

  • The Genius-deep red’ notebook from their Felt Collection.
    Size: B5
    No. of pages: 80
    MRP: 135 INR
    Other features:
    The pages are ruled,and though not thick,they are good for writing. The whole separate strip of the cover that has ‘The Genius’ written on it,it is removable,plus you can also cut it out and use as a bookmark (I didn’t make that up,it’s just written over there. 😀 )Plus,your can also use it as a ruler once you cut it out,you actually have the markings of a ruler on the backside.Cool,isn’t it?
    What I think about the product: I totally love the idea of bookmark and ruler.It’s really cool!And I love the soft velvety feeling of the cover.Like this series of their products is my favourite(You should take a look at ‘The Traveller’,it’s black instead of red,and oh,how beautiful that looks..).I just wish the pages were a bit thicker,like of a higher GSM,so I could use different mediums for writing without worrying about it bleeding into the next page.But that’s it,I like everything else about it.
  • Animal Rush series-Lion notebook
    Double Wiro Metal Support
    Strong Back Support
    Paper: 60 GSM
    Size: 29.7 x 21 cm
    MRP: 75 INR
    Other features:
    There are 4 Sudoku puzzles at the back,you know,for our bored-in-class souls. And this has ruled pages too.What I think about the product: I like the print on the cover,it has lions(Yayy for Griffindor!) in mine and is red coloured,and it makes me feel like a small kid and I’ll love it for doing that. I just think that it would have been a bit better if the front cover was as hard as the back,cause otherwise,it gets creased pretty quickly.And of course,I’ll always keep wishing for thicker pages,that’s the only problem I have with notebooks in general.But then it’s totally up to your needs,if you plan to use it for everyday writing,these are stylish and great!
    I’m more tempted to just keep these notebooks as it is and not spoil them by writing stuff,let’s see what I actually do.
    But you guys,I would totally suggest you to take a look at this notebook store,they are totally worth it,cause they put in so much effort in bringing out all these products!Anyways see you in the next post!
    Signing off!Bye!

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