Who’s behind the blog?

It’s me!  Anwesha.
I’m 18 years old.Yeah,supposedly entered adulthood. 
This is the first ever blog I owned and I’m excited to discover the world of blogging. 😀
Few things about me:
-I’m studying medicine-MBBS 1st year (Is that called so everywhere??? Hopefully.)
-I love books (Ok,maybe everyone figured it out by now.Just mentioning.)
-I have been reading since the Dawn of Ages. (not literally…but you get the point, right? Since I can remember.)
-Besides reading,I love painting, sketching and calligraphy stuff.
-Also include listening to music above.
-I’m a Gryffindor.(At least that’s where I would be if I had received my letter.)
-I was basically a classic reader till 10th grade.
– Now a full blown non-classic reader( Haven’t read the old century books for like 3 years.)
-A travelling dreamer.(In the sense that I like travelling and I daydream a lot.)
-I would love to be a witch,a dauntless initiate ,a runner , a shadowhunter and a demigod. (Yea,I didn’t include a tribute.No killing.I’m all into peace.)
-I read fantasy,thriller,mystery, YA and of course dystopian.
-Horror,humour and romance are not really my genres.(Subtle romance is okay. )
-I don’t own any pets.
-I neither love coffee nor tea.(That’s because I drink tea like 3-4 times in a year at my grandma’s house and coffee, I am not allowed to drink ,no idea why.)
-I’m writing stuff,like the stuff besides the short essays I wrote in school, after almost 6-7 years.And I find it enjoyable too.  🙂
-I’m an Indian and I can speak 4 languages,can read and write 3 of them, basically speak in 2 daily,write in 1.  😛
-I like the number 17,so 17 facts about me.

Bookstagram @living_in_the_pages
Instagram(Personal account) @anwesha_sahu_
Twitter @SahuAnwesha
Wattpad @anwesha_angels
I’m writing my first story in there ‘The Shadows of The Night Fey’.
So,that’s it about me.Looking forward to knowing new people here.

Feb ’16 

(too lazy to update this now.maybe someday.)


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